About Me

Prior to beginning my yoga practice my fitness routine was strictly aerobic and I was looking for an activity that would gently add strength and flexibility. At first yoga appealed to the former dancer in me; I found myself drawn to the grace and art of a beautifully sequenced flow class. I soon realized that as my body was growing in strength and flexibility, so was my mind and spirit and ultimately that is what has kept me coming back.

In 2015 I earned my yoga teacher certification and in 2018 I earned my Prenatal Yoga Certification. I am passionate about sharing all of the wonderful benefits of yoga with my students.  I believe in empowering women to embrace the strength they possess within, to celebrate their inner warrior! In my prenatal classes moms will find a challenging and truly purposeful practice where they will explore poses that not only help them to feel their best during pregnancy, but will also prepare and empower them with tools they can use through labor and birth, while fostering a sense of community and sacred space.